Why monochrome provides timeless, neutral glamour for luxury design

Luxury design trends come and they go but over the years, monochrome has proved to be a timeless classic and one that will always be very much in fashion. The inspiration for this black, white and oh so stylish craze is said to stem from the era of the late pop artist Andy Warhol and his creative muses Baby Jane Holzer and Edie Sedgwick. Exuding both a neutral glamour and sharp sophistication, monochrome is a go-to trend for many homeowners looking for a reliable and durable interior that they can appreciate for years to come.          

Image source: Flicker

The fundamental rule of this luxury design trend is simplicity and it, depending on your individual style and taste, can be as minimal or as eclectic as you’d like it to be. Monochrome also comes with a heap of benefits to enjoy such as easy colour decision-making (it’s black and white) and so will deter any sort of paint related domestic in the local hardware aisle. The extensive use of white paint will also do amazing things for small spaces. Another great thing about monochrome and why it is so malleable within luxury design is the fact that whichever room you apply it to, it works. The use of commanding black wood panelling against a white tiled bathroom suite just oozes with effortless style. Marble is an opulent alternative and one that will provide a textural element to a monochrome bathroom. You can even add character to your monochrome by introducing natural woods such as a dining table or chair legs and pair both against inky-black seats. Not only will this result in a beautiful, understated look, it also creates the perfect ambience for laid-back and mellow gatherings.   

This style chameleon is not just for the modern interior either, with traditional monochrome giving interior designers more scope for making bolder choices. Think handsome, onyx-gloss internal doors or a dramatically painted raven-black fireplace. If you’re tempted to sway more towards contemporary chic, however, and maybe something a little less permanent, a geometric statement rug is a fantastic way of creating a modern monochrome centrepiece in a family living room.   

Image source: Flicker

Image source: Flicker

A very close acquaintance of monochrome and one that compliments this luxury design just wonderfully, is the use of gold accents against the very uniform, black and white. From decorative gold door inlays to polished floor lamps and gilded bathroom fittings, flecks of gold actually help to accentuate the luxuriousness of monochrome and this gleaming metallic will also inject a myriad of warmth back into a room. Other stylish alloys that continue to flatter this trend are brass and copper but personally, we adore the black, white and gold effect. Just like Coco Chanel herself, the overall look is iconic and it is a classic.     

Image source: Flicker

At The Highfield House, our motto ‘design for life’ remains at the core of everything we do and we continue to strive as a close-knit interior design team, seasoned in providing our clients with first-class service alongside running a first-class luxury venue.

From Zurich to Mumbai, our interior design team have scoured the length and breadth of the globe to bring you the latest and the very best from luxury interior design. If you’re in the market for a beautifully designed venue, or simply, some luxury design guidance, why not make an appointment with The Highfield House team today and discuss your unique requirements.             



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