Fashionable interiors with traditional wood panelling

The history and revival of wood panelling

Back in a time when homes did not have the type of insulation that we know so well today, an extra layer of wooden board would have been applied to help keep rooms warm, especially because most would have had stone cold walls. As tastes and craftsmanship changed, over time this useful component developed into something more aesthetically pleasing and exquisitely designed carvings eventually replaced the flush wooden surfaces. Dado rails, pictures rails, cornices and skirtings would also have been much loved wooden features of a room during the Victorian era.  

Image source: The Highfield House

They say fashion always comes full circle and nowadays, even if you were to consider just a hint of traditional wood panelling in your home, you would actually be right on trend. No longer just reserved for the country manor house, joinery with a modern twist is on the increase in interior design and it is a cunning way of bringing an atmosphere of character to a room. Here are three very modern ways you can pull off this fashionable interiors trend off in your home.   

Full-length wood panelling

Embrace this trend in its entirety and go all out with full-length wood panelling adorning your chosen room. It is surprisingly easy to create the quintessential period look in your home with the use of a polished wood or if you’d prefer, a more modern painted MDF. Our signature range of absolute matte coach paints would work wonderfully for this option, especially in a muted grey. Cladding walls in wood panelling is also a very clever trick for modern or new-build homes that are without any original features. It gives a traditional makeover without actually having to go to the trouble of replastering walls.   

Image source: The Highfield House


Wainscoting is a type of wood panelling that again, harks back to the pre-insulation days but at just half of the wall height, it allows for a bit more chutzpah when it comes to your choice of colour. With Ultra Violet being named as 2018’s Colour of the Year, this shade would lend itself well to Wainscoting panelling in an elegant mauve or a sumptuous deep plum.

Image source: The Highfield House

The Mysterious Jib Door

What’s that you say – a Jib Door? Jib Doors were historically used for the sole purpose of concealing entrances to servant quarters. The doors were made to look like they were part of a rooms existing wooden features, such as the skirtings and dado rails and very recently, they have risen in popularity again within fashionable interiors. Jib Doors are popular for inner-city living i.e. a safe room or for a more rural lifestyle, they are useful for concealing a gun room.

Image source: Flicker

The Highfield House, Driffield is bursting at the seams with refined wood panelling and would prove as an absolute haven for those looking for some guidance on how best to carry out this classic trend. From our sapphire blue Reception Hall to the deep teal panelling of The Great Hall, there is plenty of fashionable interiors inspiration to be had at one of Yorkshire’s finest Grade II listed buildings.             



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