How to use rich colours in your homes interior design

How to incorporate rich colours into your interior design       

Since becoming the new owners of The Highfield House, Driffield, we have received mixed reviews about the homes interior design colour scheme but largely it has been a positive response. The use of rich colours in modern interior design has become wildly popular of late and is a trend that is only increasing as homeowners look to create a luxurious and comfortable safe haven for themselves.  

If curiosity is getting the better of you, here are 5 great ways you can utilize the trend for rich colours in your homes interior design.       

Mellow Mid-Grey

One for beginners here and mid-grey is not so scary. Resplendent and polished, the humble mid-grey results in a pleasant juxtaposition when paired with bright white woodwork. Opt for a matte finish against gloss white architraves and skirting boards to ensure maximum contrast. Too many grey areas and you run the risk of creating a stale and dull environment.

Stately Burgundy

Beautiful burgundy represents all kinds of things prosperous and aristocratic and this beautiful shade of maroon will envelop a room in richness like no other. Much like a fine Bordeaux, the colour burgundy is a classic and one that will add warmth to a living room or reception room, making you feel very good indeed. Break up burgundy walls with the use of oversized paintings, family portraits and strategically placed mirrors to successfully achieve that stately home look.    

Deep Teal

Amazingly last year Deep Teal was voted as The World’s Favourite Colour 2017. Described as being simultaneously warm and cool, the colour teal has been around for a number of years since it’s first written use in the English language back in 1917. Fascinatingly, the name of this serene colour also derives from the coloured area around the eyes of the common teal, a member of the duck family. Both elegant and timeless, the use of deep teal in your interior design will ensure yours is a home to cherish for many more years to come.  

Paint it Black

It doesn’t get more expressive than the colour black. It’s not for the faint-hearted and you’re going to have to trust us here but the effects of black paint, when used in interior design, can actually be stunningly beautiful. It’s a bold move that unleashes superb drama and rather surprisingly, it can add accents of depth and warmth to an otherwise bare space. Whether you’re trying to create a rugged and masculine gentleman’s room or an elegant master bathroom suite, black really comes into its own when accessorised against sophisticated gold, brass or copper fixtures and fittings.    

Royal Blue

And last but not least, we move on to our final rich colour, the one that has the most staying power and is dominating the rest of the palette for 2018, you guessed it – blue. Generally speaking in terms of interiors, the use of the colour blue can be used to cool down a room that allows for too much sunlight or heat. This darker shade, however, works to actually evoke feelings of warmth and luxury. The epitome of glamour, this winning colour is daring yet still safe and it adds a splash of brilliance to the traditional wall panelling of The Reception Hall at The Highfield House.   

Be our guest for the day at The Highfield House so you can be given the grand tour of our luxury and private hire venue and receive expert advice on the latest interior design fashions. We also have a specialist formula for absolute matte paint. Working with a local company we have developed a series of colours in their signature range of matt coach paint. They are suitable for fine roller and specialist spray painting and the palette we have chosen derives from the pigments used in 18th century stained glass, similar to the pieces that can be seen in The Reception Hall of the house.

Combining traditional grace with a wealth of knowledge in modern design, the use of rich colour can be seen throughout the home’s interior and we believe that we have created the ultimate setting for an unforgettable celebratory experience. We do hope to meet you soon!          



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