Interior Design Fashions for 2018; what’s in and what’s out

We’re at the start of a glorious new year and as domestic trendsetters up and down the country set the tone for 2018, it’s out with the old and in with the new as we bring to you five of our favourite interior design fashions to look out for this coming year.  


A fanciful word we’ll admit but in a nutshell, frondescence means foliage and if fashion-forward designers would have us believe correctly, it is still very much included in the interior design fashions for 2018. No longer reserved just for weddings and special occasions, greenery is an inexpensive way to add a touch of glam and colour to your home. With the wellbeing industry also continuing to flourish, indoor plant life will ensure you enjoy many other health benefits too such as clean indoor air, humidity regulation and chemical absorbance.  

Ultra Violet

The colour masters over at Pantone recently announced their colour of the year as being Ultra Violet and this marvellous bluey purple is already influencing mainstream trends from fashion to interior design. Work Ultra Violet into your homes colour scheme with sumptuously painted wall panelling for that deluxe and palatial feel. The colour purple is also often associated with royalty and grandeur meaning your home will forever be your kingdom if you play this interior trend right.

Statement Ceilings

Forget blank ceilings and god forbid, artex, if you’re lucky enough to live in a home that has some form of decorative feature in the ceiling then you have accomplished at least one of the interior design fashions for this year. Statement ceilings have already been around for centuries but they are very much back and here to stay in modern architecture. Out goes minimalism and in comes unforgettable with the emphasis of a statement ceiling being on the luxurious detailing. A marvellous example of this opulent trend can be seen taking pride of place above the grand staircase of The Highfield House (pictured). Why not pop in and see it for yourself sometime?

Dark Woods

If a show-stopping ceiling just isn’t feasible, why not work the trend for beautiful dark wood floors instead? After it’s rise and rise last year, it would seem consumers are now turning away from the once sought after ‘Nordic’ trend with its paler palette and organic materials. Instead, depth and elegance are firmly back in favour and we’re seeing a move towards the use of darker woods in interior design such as mahogany, dark oak and walnut. Why not coordinate your dark floors with metallic furniture legs in brass or gold to add a touch of retro charm to this otherwise sophisticated trend.

Bold Colours

It’s time to get serious about your shades this year as the popular trend for dramatic pigments continues to unfold. Darker hues are overtaking neutral colours in the style stakes, mainly due to the fact that they promote a level of comfort and indulgence that the likes of Magnolia simply cannot compete with. When done the right way, adorning your walls in a deep blue or burgundy will certainly wrap you up in sophistication, much like The Reception Hall of The Highfield House (as shown).  

We hope you have enjoyed reading our five favourite interior design fashions to look out for this coming year.

The H-OUSE Team have many exciting design projects already underway including the ongoing and impressive renovations of The Highfield House. For expert advice on how you can work the interior design trends for 2018 into your home, our luxury venue holds inspiration aplenty so please pay us a visit soon!   


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