Meet The H-OUSE Team; an interview with Chloe Wray

Chloe Wray is a seasoned designer and one who holds her own significant position within The H-OUSE team. Her sensational artwork can be seen in the form of exquisite blooms and verdurous nature throughout The Highfield House’s interior decoration and they, having viewed the artwork first-hand myself, are very much worth a look-see. A talented, inspiring and witty lady, I enjoy a catch up with Chloe one morning in the studio to find out what she has to say.  

‘’I didn’t plan on getting into interior design specifically,’’ explains Chloe, ‘’it kind of well, just happened.’’  

It’s clear that Chloe, originally from Skipsea, East Yorkshire, is an incredibly clever individual. After studying interior textiles at university and achieving her biggest accomplishment, sky-high results in her degree, Chloe relocated to London for a couple of months where she revelled in an internship for a short while. It wasn’t until a family bereavement, the passing of her beloved grandfather, Chloe found herself back in Yorkshire for good.

‘’It was funny how it worked out,’’ say’s Chloe, ‘’the vicar at my grandad’s funeral actually had a connection within The H-OUSE Team and recommended that I send in my portfolio to them. Andy and Lindsey looked through my work and they absolutely loved it. I started working with them not long afterwards and I haven’t looked back.’’

Chloe goes on to explain what a typical working day is like for her in the studio, ‘’I love how each day is different. In the morning I may either be drawing up sketches for a home, working with material or emailing clients. My afternoons could be spent corresponding with project managers and specifying curtain material or a paint colour for a current project. Designing for The H-OUSE Team is certainly rewarding, we laugh and we joke, nothing is too serious and it feels like we’re one big family.’’

Moving on to her personal life I ask Chloe to describe herself in three words. After a short pause, she replies with, ‘’Competitive, perfectionist and chatty.’’ On a Sunday morning, you can usually find Chloe walking her Cocker Spaniel, Scout, followed by a relaxing read of her current novel, All my Friends are Superheroes by Andrew Kaufman.

Two things that make Chloe very proud are her degree and the wallpaper project that is showcased throughout The Highfield House. ‘’I don’t want to come across as cliche,’’ explains Chloe, ‘’but my creative process kind of just comes to me. A lot of my work is based around botanicals and natural elements, so it kind of just happens, you know. I can plan for something but then it doesn’t always fit together like I wanted, it kind of transforms so you have to make the pattern fit together again and go with it.’’

‘’Three pet hates,’’ ponders Chloe, ‘’hmm now that is a tough one. I suppose I don’t like it when people squeeze the middle of the toothpaste tube, oh and when noisy people keep me up at night whilst I’m trying to sleep.’’ Don’t get on the wrong side of Chloe when she’s giving you a lift either. ‘’Another one,’’ she exclaims, ‘’is when I’m driving someone home and they get their keys out about ten miles away from their house and then sit and jangle them for the rest of the journey. That is so annoying.’’

As our interview comes to a close I can’t help but admire Chloe’s honesty and her describing herself as ‘being an open book’. It’s obvious she also has an eye for meticulous detail and a gift for design. If you haven’t yet had the privilege of seeing the impressive wallpaper designs of Chloe Wray that are beautifully debuted throughout The Highfield House I absolutely recommend you pay them a visit.   

Before I leave I have one other question to ask Chloe. What is her personal motto.

With a wry smile, she shoots back ‘’You get from life what you put into it. Don’t expect to reap the reward without putting the effort in first.’’

I like this girl.    


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