The historical transformation of The Highfield House

The History of The Highfield House

A long time ago, around the year 1860 or so, there stood an old Dutch-style windmill, on the same site that is now known as The Highfield House. Due to weather damage taking its toll the old windmill was eventually demolished and the site bought by grocer and draper, Henry Angas who would later name his newly built home, Mill Field Hill.

The house was purchased from Angas in 1882 by a leading Driffield figure known as Harrison Holt. A producer in linseed oil and animal feed, Holt carried out extensive remodelling of the house up until the year 1893, reconstructing the home from its original Gothic style to an Elizabethan approach with varying architectural characteristics. The name of this grand residence was suitably changed and it was then that The Highfield House was officially born.

Over many years, lots of minor alterations and various colourful owners including local philanthropist Henry Bean, the house would later become a country club well known in the great market town of Driffield and it successfully ran from 1957 right up until 1999. If a little birdie would also have us believe correctly, many ‘first’ sherries were wholly relished and savoured during this time as a popular and neighbourly outfit.     


The History of The Highfield House
The History of The Highfield House

The transformation of The Highfield House

With such a soulful past and a dazzlingly bright future ahead, there were only two people that could take The Highfield House to the next level. Upon taking ownership of this first-class wedding venue, Andy and Lindsey set about right away doing what they do best, designing for life, providing spaces for love and restoring this historic manor house back to it’s magnificent and palatial best.

From The Drawing Room to the luxury apartment in the East Wing, the husband and wife duo have worked their magic, injecting as much passion and charm back into the residence as the nuptials taking place within it. A lot of the finer details of this great house have also been painstakingly handcrafted and astoundingly, the wallpaper that adorns the walls ascending the grand staircase was actually hand-painted by in-house designer Chloe Wray. Hers is a delightful story and one that we look forward to sharing when we come to the New Year.


A before and after of the Grand Staircase
A before and after of the Grand Staircase
A before and after of The Drawing Room detailing
A before and after of The Drawing Room detailing

Book your visit to The Highfield House

Teaming with unique stories and secrets of bygone times, The Highfield House provides without a doubt the ultimate surroundings for a most pleasurable celebratory experience.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect wedding venue, a place to entertain your work family over a seasonal dinner or even if you’re just plain curious and an admirer of all things historical, Andy and Lindsey would be more than happy to give you an awe-inspiring tour of their beautiful home that is, The Highfield House.  




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