A visitors take on The Highfield House, Driffield

Surrounded by seven acres of immaculate lawns, picturesque nature and the rolling beck stands the magnificent and gracious Highfield House, Driffield, one of Yorkshire’s finest Grade II listed buildings. I’m excited about my appointment with owners Andy and Lindsey for a look around this once country club, still fondly remembered by local residents today.  

Andy greets me at the front door with an amiable smile and invites me in. As I step into the grand entrance hallway I am met with a delightful display of sumptuous blue wall panelling, ambient lighting and a bunch of fresh white roses on the reception hall table. Andy’s mother Phyllis appears to tell us the log fire has been lit in the old library and there will be tea and biscuits waiting for us once we have finished our tour. I’ve not been here five minutes and I’m already feeling suitably pampered. It’s a well-received welcome.

We make our way to The Drawing Room which is an elegant space decked out in traditional neutrals and mink accents. The large french doors at the back of the room look out onto the vast gardens and frame the views of the green landscape just perfectly. I can picture the guests mingling out on the front lawns, jovial and glowing from a just finished wedding service and sipping champagne bellinis out of crystal flutes. It’s all very boutique and I already adore what I am being shown.

Continuing our tour of The Highfield House, Driffield, Andy shows me the private suite that they reserve for newlyweds and The Great Hall where the actual ceremonies take place. There is even a minstrels gallery hidden at the back of the hall that can hold a string quartet to walk you down the aisle if you so wish. With every room in the house feeling more and more decadent than the last, I’m left wondering what other venues can possibly top this?  

What I have noticed on my foray around The Highfield House, Driffield is Andy and Lindsey’s use of daring and opulent colours. Love it or hate it, this approach harks back to their predecessors of yesteryear and celebrates everything historical and grand. Which bride wouldn’t want to feel like a Lady on her big day?

The interiors experienced couple are also certainly onto something with their specific choice of palette. Light coloured hues are taking a back seat in interior design and the trend to create a ‘safe nest’ through rich pigments is soaring. With society spending more and more time in cold and corporate environments, guests can certainly seek privacy and comfort at The Highfield House, Driffield. Peering around at the superb velvety walls I can see how Andy and Lindsey have made such a name for themselves within the private residential design market.

As for myself and the burning question that is on everybody’s lips, would I be happy to have and to hold from this day forward at The Highfield House, Driffield? Oh, you bet. And if you’re on the lookout too for a wedding venue bursting with exuberant character, I would suggest you do the same.


A visitors take on The Highfield House, Driffield
The Highfield House, Driffield



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